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Crescent Models is pleased to be able to list the books, DVDs and print that are available direct from Solent Aeromarine Enterprises. Please contact Bob Wealthy directly with any orders or requests for further information.

The Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat Project Book

This 56-page book presents the origins of the Saunders Roe company at East Cowes, Isle of Wight in the context of the design and construction of the world's largest all-metal flying boat the Saunders Roe SR45 Princess. The various stages of the Princess Project are described as the project evolved in the 1940s through to the first flight of Princess G-ALUN on 22nd August 1952. Although the project did not result in commercial success, several technological advances were made which added to the capability of the British Aircraft Industry at the time.

SAeM001 - Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat Book - 6.50, UK p&p 1.00

The Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat Story DVD

(Also available in VHS tape format)

This 60-minute DVD presentation describes the design and development of the Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat and the origins and history of the Saunders Roe Company based at East Cowes, Isle of Wight. The DVD contains rare archive film from the company and other sources that illustrates the magnitude of the task of design and construction of the Princess through test flying to the final stage when the three Princesses built were scrapped.

SAeM002 - Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat DVD - 12.50, UK p&p 1.00

SAeM003 - Saunders Roe Princess Flying Boat VHS Tape - 7.50, UK p&p 1.50

SAeM004 - Princess Book + Princess DVD - 15.00, UK p&p 1.50

SAeM005 - Princess Book + Princess VHS Tape - 10.00, UK p&p 1.50

Limited Edition Saunders Roe Princess Print from an original work by Lawrence Bagley

This limited-edition print depicts the Saunders Roe Princess G-ALUN taking off from the Solent under a threatening sky. Laurence Bagley lived in Lee-on-the-Solent and is well known for his aviation and marine artworks, many of which were commissioned by local companies such as Saunders Roe and Vosper. The print run is limited to 250 copies and an authentication certificate is supplied with each print

SAeM006 - Limited Edition Print 20.00

SAeM007 - Print in mount ready for framing - 30.00

SAeM008 - Print framed - 75.00

Delivery charges subject to arrangement.

Crescent Models is looking for the following items. We would be very pleased if you would contact us if you have any such items for sale or any information their availability.
Brass and Enamel Lapel Badges

We are interested in any brass and enamel buttonhole lapel badges with an aeronautical theme, such as these depicted.

These particular items are thought to have been issued to staff at Saunders-Roe with the colours probably denoting different departments or trades. Numbers are stamped on the back, with the red badge carrying 3900 and the mauve badge 729.

As well as being interested in any similar items, we would be grateful to receive any information on these two particular badges.
Motoring Badges

We are also interested in motoring and automobile club badges of all eras with an aeronautical theme, similar to that depicted which, as can be seen, indicates membership of the exclusive Saunders-Roe Car Club, based on the Isle of White.

Please contact us if you have any similar items, regardless of condition, or are aware of the whereabouts of any such items.

There could be a finder's bonus for any particularly fine or unusual pieces!
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