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Occasionally various aeronautical or model magazines publish an article on Crescent Models, and some of these are included below. Should you be interested, in many cases an original back-issue will be available from the publishers.

Please note, if you choose to view any of the articles in full, they involve large images and may take a few moments to download.
Model Collector : August 2005

"Passion for a Princess" by Brian Salter

Philip Jewell was just eight years old when he first saw his sleeping beauty in 1960. Travelling on the Southampton to Isle of White ferry with his father, Philip was excited by the almost ghostly shapes of two of the giant cocooned Princess flying boats, which had been a landmark for many years, marooned on dry land ...

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Wingspan International : Issue No 21

"Silver Princess"

A limited edition model of the Saunders Roe Princess SR45 Flying Boat is now available. Philip Jewell of Crescent Models told Wingspan International about his new creation.

"I consider myself a model collector first and foremost ...

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Collect it! : March 2004

"David's toy box" by David Barzilay

During the 1940s, the famous British aircraft manufactuer Saunders Roe, produced a massive flying boat which it believed would be adopted at the end of the war for non-stop transatlantic flights carrying over 100 people and Her Majesty's mail. The aircraft was huge and the largest all-metal flying boat ever to be built. Only ...

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