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Short ‘C’ Class – “Canopus” Added to Fleet

Crescent Models are proud to announce that we can now offer the Short S23 ‘C’ Class Empire Flying Boat – “Canopus” to the ‘fleet’ of bespoke, limited-edition, high-quality models produced for the discerning aviation model-collecting enthusiast. Full details are contained within the appropriate sections of this updated web site but the model is offered in two liveries, the Imperial Airways scheme of 1936 and the high-visibility striped scheme of 1940 which followed the BOAC takeover of Imperial Airways in April of that year.

As before with the Crescent Models' SARO “Princess”, the model is offered with the beaching chassis permanently fitted or loose or not included at all; the collector will choose his or her preference. All models are boxed and include a clear Acrylic stand to avoid visually dominating the model.

Orders can be placed online by e-mail, by telephone or by meeting at any of the events we attend as listed on the events page of this site.

Please view the model details - we would be delighted to make a model for you.

Crescent Models and the 'Princess' Beaching Chassis

Crescent Models have prepared a limited quantity of the metal beaching chassis for their popular ‘Princess’ Flying Boat model at 1:144 scale. These beaching chassis are usually only available for order at the time of the original purchase of these highly detailed models; however some models have been purchased as ‘flying versions’, without any beaching chassis at all and this offer would complete the display of all that is available for this limited edition aircraft.

Please be aware that it is not possible to fit these beaching chassis to the model once the model has been completed; they would have had to have been permanently fitted during construction and they could only be used for loose display around the aircraft.

Crescent Models at the Victory Services Club

Crescent Models are proud to have been asked to support - with a display of models and ephemera - the excellent lecture given by the Saunders Roe and Solent aviation and maritime specialist Bob Wealthy, at his lecture given at the Victory Services Club for the London Society of Air Britain on the 11th March 2009.

We much enjoyed talking with so many interesting and informative people and it is the hope that Crescent Models will continue to be asked to support such events. We look forward to meeting with aviation enthusiasts at future venues.

Any events that we attend will be included in the events page of this site.

Table-top Model Display Cases for Crescent Models

Crescent Models are researching model display cases for displaying Crescent Models in a dust- and damage-free environment. We propose to be able to offer for sale two options of display case of differing styles for the customer to choose his or her preference.

The display cases can form part of the order for the model of their choice or can be a subsequent purchase following delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your interest and requirements.

SR 177 Wind Tunnel Model to Solent Sky Museum

Crescent Models are proud to have been involved in the return to the Solent Area of the original wind tunnel model of the incredible Saunders Roe SR 177, the multi-powerplant interceptor fighter, construction of which started before government intervention in the late fifties cancelled the programme.

The aircraft was developed from the previous SR 53 which was tested at Boscombe Down and both had a rocket engine for take off and interception, following which a jet engine would be used to return to base. There was considerable interest in the aircraft from the German Air Force and the Fleet Air Arm, and RAF versions were proposed.

Crescent Models heard about the model and the owner kindly agreed that the model could be donated to the Solent 'Sky’ Museum in Southampton, where this significant model can be viewed on its original stand.

This wind tunnel model had brass lockable control surfaces which are typical for the wind tunnel purpose and Crescent Models had all these restored to working order by the specialist master model maker George Dexter of the Isle of Wight. Additionally, the missiles were restored to the wingtips but we decided to leave the paint on the mahogany model as this formed part of the models history; usually these models are left unpainted.

Interestingly the model appears to have the possibility for various chin air intake designs; have a look for this feature should you visit the museum.

And should you be interested in the considerable aviation history of the Solent region, a visit to the Solent Sky Museum in Southampton is a trip Crescent Models would thoroughly recommend (see for more information on the museum).

Crescent Models and the FROG SRA 1

Crescent Models have manufactured from a copy of original drawings one of the SRA 1 jet fighter flying boat models that were produced by Frog during the 1950s and fitted with Jetex model engines.

We have followed the construction techniques faithfully and also acquired copies of the original ‘Winged Frog’ decal to adorn the model and we are delighted with the results.

Should any enthusiast wish to view the model, please let us know and we will endeavour to meet up at one of the events that we attend or at a separate meeting.
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